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For more than two decades, Arthur St. Antoine’s automotive and adventure writing has been read by millions in periodicals around the globe—among them, Motor Trend,

Marlboro’s Unlimited, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, Los Angeles (where he was a monthly columnist for five years),
Forbes, Quattroruote (Italy),
Le Volant (Japan), and many others.

St. Antoine is currently Editor at Large

for Automobile Magazine, where
he authors a monthly column,
“The Asphalt Jungle,” as well as feature

stories, road tests, and driving reports
from around the world.

In addition, St. Antoine is the on-
camera host and writer of the popular
online show Epic Drives—a monthly
auto/ adventure series showcasing the
world’s coolest cars in some of the most
amazing destinations on the planet.

In December 2010, the
Motor Press Guild honored St. Antoine’s
Motor Trend feature story
“Man In Space” with a Dean Batchelor
Award for Best Article Of The Year.

In January 2011, at the annual
magazine-industry Folio Awards in
New York City, St. Antoine’s feature
story “Blue Devil vs. Blue Angel”
received a Gold “Eddie” Award for
Best Consumer Automotive Article
Of The Year. 

St. Antoine’s résumé also includes
more than seven years as an
advertising senior copywriter/creative
director for such agencies as Ketchum
and Suissa Miller. More recently,
St. Antoine was Editor at Large
for Motor Trend and the premium

quarterly Motor Trend Classic.

Although perhaps best known for his
automotive features and columns,
St. Antoine is also a veteran writer of

first-hand action and adventure features
that chronicle his far-flung exploits.
Past features include a climbing/camping
expedition onto an Alaskan iceberg,
aquanaut training in an underwater
habitat, scuba diving with Caribbean
reef sharks alongside famed “shark
whisperer” Stuart Cove, performing

high-g aerobatics and breaking the

sound barrier with the U.S. Navy’s

Blue Angels flight-demonstration

squadron, and a stint at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center—where he
reported on John Glenn’s preparations
for a return to outer space.

To keep pace with his challenging
assignments, St. Antoine maintains a
unique repertoire of skills: in addition
to his writing credentials, he’s an
accomplished racing driver, a licensed
private pilot, a veteran scuba
diver/aquanaut, and an award-winning photographer.

In addition to hosting Epic Drives, St. Antoine has made television appearances on NBC’s “Today” show, ESPN, Speed Channel,  and The History Channel.

Twitter: @ArthurStAntoine

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